Prayer & Fasting (Day 19)


Malachi 3:10; Mark 11:23-25; Luke 12:31-32; 1 Corinthians 9:7-10; Matthew 6:33; Luke 5:6-7; Luke 12:42-44; 2 Corinthians 9:7; Matthew 25:22-23; Luke 6:38; Luke 16:11; Ephesians 3:20


1. Thank the Lord because He will make you a lender and not a borrower.

2. Pray that you will be a lender and not a borrower in Jesus name.

3. Break the cycle of poverty and confess that your soul shall be satisfied.

4. Confess that the favour of the Lord will make you a lender not a borrower.

5. Reverse the curse pronounced against your source of income.

6. Destroy the effect of every economic and financial dealing that is false in the name of Jesus.

7. Repent of the spirit of materialism which has manifested itself in those who have withheld what they should give to God.

8. Sever every control of the spirit of poverty over your life in the name of the Lord.

9. Give God the praise for His faithfulness in providing for your family.

10. Confess that the quicksand of debt will not swallow you in the name of the Lord.

11. Pray that you will be used of God to sponsor the things of the kingdom.

12. Ask the Lord to help you to be a channel for meeting the needs of your family.

13. Break the yoke of poverty over your family in the name of Jesus.

14. Thank the Lord because He will use you to establish His kingdom.

15. Pray that the Lord will provide the means for the supply of your material need.

16. Receive by faith the blessing that makes rich in the name of Jesus.

17. Pray that you will always have the seed of finance to minister to other people.

18. Pray that you will be a blessing to those who lack.

19. Pray that your wealth will be used to reach people for Christ.

20. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a heart that is obedient.

21. Pray that the blessing which follows the obedient will follow you in the name of Jesus.

22. Pray that the seed of your investment into the things of the kingdom will bring forth fruit in Jesus name.

23. Pray that the Lord will move you from seed-time to bumper harvest time in the name of Jesus.

24. Prophesy increase and growth to your seed in the name of the Lord.

25. Ask the Holy Spirit to make your heart tender in sowing towards the harvest.

26. Pray that the business of the kingdom will be of priority in your life in the name of Jesus.

27. Confess that your receiving will increase in the name of the Lord.

28. Break the hold of the spirit of selfishness over your life in the name of Jesus.

29. Confess that the chambers of yam life will be filled with His abundant riches.

30. Confess that the blessing, which follows obedience, will follow your life.

31. Receive by faith the favour, which comes through giving.

32. Pray that you will always be covered by the favour of the Lord.

33. Vow to the Lord that as He blesses you, you will be used to fund the end-time gospel.

34. Receive the power to create wealth in the name of Jesus

35. Worship the Lord who is your father and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

36. Confess by faith that you will partake of the wealth of the wicked being transferred to the believers.

37. Confess by faith that your labour shall not be in vain.

38. Thank the Lord in advance for physical and financial promotion.

39. Pray for the anointing of faithfulness to the service of financial stewardship.

40. Confess that as a servant of the Lord you will prosper and go forward.

41. Thank the Lord for His plan for your prosperity.

42. Prophesy great measures of favour and increase into your life.

43. Prophesy the kind of blessing which there is no room to receive.

44. Praise the Lord for His prosperous kingdom that is coming into your life.

45. Praise the Lord for adding freely to your fife that which the ungodly crave.

46. Proclaim in the presence of your greatest challenge that you possess the power to get wealth.

47. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to that which shall be profitable.

48. Thank the Lord for the promise He made to give you good success.

49. Pray for the heart that follows the path of the obedience and leads to promotion.

50. God is a giver, ask for the attitude of a giver like God.

51. Prophesy that the barrel of God’s supply to your life shall not dry up in your life.

52. Thank the Lord because the windows of heaven are opened on your life.

53. Receive from the Lord to fulfil the vows you have made.

54. Prophesy an overflowing blessing into your life in the name of Jesus.

55. Pray for the kind of turnaround of blessing that fills an empty net to breaking point.

56. Pray that the Lord will move in your life beyond your wildest imagination.

57. Thank the Lord for making you to be above only and not under.

58. Pray that the increase of wealth will not affect your commitment to the Lord.

59. Thank the Lord for loading you with enough and left over to bless others.

60. Pray that your going in and out will carry the favour and blessing of the Lord.

61. Give the Lord praise because your day of overflowing blessing is here

62. Repent of all the times you put limitation on God in your words and deeds.

63. Ask the Lord to bless the work of your hand and cause it to increase.

64. Rejoice for the understanding that your increase and blessing pleasures God.

65. Thank the Lord because what He is doing your life will not be accompanied by sorrow.

66. Ask for the grace to be a faithful steward in all that you do

67. Pray for grace to be diligent and faithful in your employment.

68. Confess God’s protection over all that the Lord has blessed you with.

69. Praise the Lord for the promotion, which places you above everything.

70. Give God praise because your hands have been blessed of Him to produce wealth.

71. Ask the Lord for a heart that obeys Him in giving.

72. Take authority over every kind of devourer the enemy is using against your finances.

73. Pray that the Lord will expose any unforgiveness that can hinder your blessing.

74. Pray that God’s promise of breakthrough will be a reality in your life.

75. Ask the Lord for a heart that will use God’s blessing the right way.

76. Command that every treasure, which belongs to you and has been stolen by the enemy will begin to come your way.