Our Ministries

We offer you a wide range of services through a variety of specialist departments.
Below is a full list of Ministries at VBCI UK

These are a group of diligent and discerning individuals who aid and assist guests and new members in making right and appropriate decisions pertaining to their Christian life and progress. They provide godly direction to people in need of this from purely biblical perspectives.
It’s a creative arts group who express the Word of God through arts; in dance, drama, spoken word and choreography.
The team is responsible for the efficient, effective and harmonious operation of all VBCI UK-Corporate Events and to spear head all corporate programmes in their various Departmental capacities.
This family focused wing of VBCI fosters the building of Christ-centered marriages through pre-marital counselling; seminars that feature practical teaching and interactive learning to help couples not just to keep their marriages on solid ground but also to enjoy the journey.
This prayer arm of the church stands regularly to intercede on behalf of the church, the church leadership, her members and the entire community at large.
The IT & Media Team is solely responsible for the creation, development and management of the content for the organisation’s web presence, including Social Media. They are also wholly responsible for everything concerning Information Technology, Audio and Video productions within the organisation.
The remit of the Membership Team is to identify new members and equip them with the tenets, visions and values of VBCI with the sole purpose of turning them into Participating Members. They also keep the membership database updated regularly.
As the name implies, an impassioned group of spiritual, professional & talented musicians who serve by way of ministry and performance at VBCI conferences and seminars and indeed the larger body of Christ.
To capture events photographically and use photos or video clips on our websites, social media, posters or other projects.
Because VBCI sees the church as a biblically functioning community, every member is encouraged to be an active participant of a life changing and interactive home group. This smaller and more informal arm of church enables members to build genuine relationships, ask those important questions and be adequately discipled. This mini-church arm of VBCI sees to the coordination of the Priesthood Cell Groups in various areas, pertaining to their growth, health and well-being.
The Protocol Department is responsible for providing a hospitable and conducive environment for all our guest and members. The Protocol Officer is the face of the church and the organisation. Their service extends beyond the walls of the church building.
The Protocol Officer’s service is to VIPs, special guests, 1st timers, church members, national/community leaders and for ensuring that relations between leaders of the church and the general church body; and the relations between the church and national/community leaders are conducted with minimum friction and maximum efficiency.
These are our frontline team of pleasant, welcoming and serviceable Ushers, Protocol Staff, Aesthetic and Decor Managers who put their skills to excellent use by creating an evident reputation, image and God inspired ambience in the house of God such that relationships are further developed and strengthened first with God, then amongst us, key players and other ministries.
The choir comprises of talented singers and instrumentalists who not only harness their gifts and talents by practising together regularly but also learn to yield themselves to the power of the Holy Spirit to lead the people of God into His presence in worship.
The fulcrum of this arm of the ministry is to teach, using interactive methods on various biblical topics, to enable veritable growth and knowledge in the word of God for the spiritual development of the people of God.
Exists to help singles lead fulfilled lives. This is done through regularly-held topical seminars and organized team building and leadership development trips.
Our team of talented and eager Sound Engineers and Tape Ministry Assistants who harness their gifts and talents towards the optimum performance of equipment for all services and ensure that technical records (CDs & DVDs) are kept of these anointed services for our use and spiritual development.