Prayer & Fasting (Day 17)


PS. 141:9; PROV. 10:29; HAB. 1:5; ZECH. 4:6; MATT.10:10; MATT. 11:28; JOHN 6:28; ROM. 13:10 1 COR. 4:12; PHIL. 3:2; COL. 1:10; 1 THESS. 4:11 2 THESS. 3:10; 1 TIM.5:18; 2 TIM. 2:15


1. Receive the boldness to carry out the mandate of the Lord for your life in the name of Jesus.

2. Pray that you will make a total commitment to the kingdom of God.

3. Prophesy on the Labour of your hand that shall manifest what God has spoken into your life.

4. Pray that you will free from wasted labour and energy in Jesus’s name.

5. Possess the future by faith and confess that you will succeed in the ministry and not fail.

6. Pray for a heart that is willing to be used of God and to give you wisdom and knowledge to do the ministry work right.

7. Give God the praise for the opportunity to be alive and healthy today and the access you have through Him to God’s presence.

8. Thank God for the opportunity to reach out to humanity through your gift and talent. 

9. Pray that your work and labour will not be fruitless in the name of Jesus.

10. Pray that you will be a blessing to those who work with you in the name of of Jesus.

11. Bind the spirit of disunity and betrayal from gaining access into your business.

12. Ask the Lord to help you so the even your secular work will please Him in Jesus’ name.

13. Refuse to be a complaining and troublesome worker.

14. Thank the Lord in advance that your labour will not be in vain. 

15. Pray that you will manifest the blessing and favour of the Lord.

16. Pray that your work will not be a hindrance to your serving the Lord.

17. Command fruitfulness on every venture you carry out and on your employment.

18. Break the power of the sickness that will try to hinder you from achieving your vision.

19. Receive the grace of long-suffering, patience and joy for difficult situations at work.

20. Pray that you will not bring hindrance on your business through underpaying your staff.

21. Stand against every tendency of unfair wages in the name of Jesus.

22. Ask God to open your eyes to recognise gifted people in your employers who deserve more.

23. Cover everything that belong to you with the blood of Jesus.

24. Ask the Lord’s blessing that you are able to do in your business.

25. Pray for the grace to be a fair employer to your staff in Jesus’ name.

26. Repent before the Lord for the times you have neglected the cry of the poor and ask the Lord to give you a heart to be toward the needy and not to be stingy.

27. Receive and release the blessing of God that follows sowing into the life of the needy.

28. Pray that the blessing of the Lord will follow and overtake you.

29. Pray that you will be a lender and not a borrower in Jesus’ name.

30. Pray the Lord will place His blessing on the projects you embark upon

31. Pray that the days of God’s open treasure will be evident in your live.

32. Release the rain that will provoke increase upon all your work in the name of Jesus.

33. Come against every satanic attack and disaster planned against your labour.

34. Pray that your labour will not end up in futility in Jesus’ name.

35. Ask the Lord to help you and enjoy the fruit of your labour.

36. Confess by faith that you shall not bring forth trouble but for blessings.

37. Pray that your business will not experience seasons of famine in Jesus’ name.

38. Pray that the continuous blessings of the Lord will rest your work.

39. Come against every sign of regression in your work or business.

40. Pray against laziness in your work or business.

41. Pray for your ministry that it will be confirmed with signs and wonders.

42. Ask the Lord to expose the agent of Satan around you.

43. Ask the Lord to expose those who are there to hurt your work.

44. Come against everything the devil wants to use to put you to shame.

45. Thank the Lord for His blessings on all the works of your hand.