Prayer & Fasting (Day 20)


GEN. 27:29; EXO.21:17; EXO. 22:28; PRO. 11:26; PROV.24:24; PROV. 26:17; JER. 17:5; JER.48:10; ZECH. 8:13; MAL.2:2; MATT. 5:44; ACTS 23:12


1. Come against the spirit of spiritual slumber in the name of Jesus.

2. Break the cycle of poverty and lack that has been in your family from generations.

3. Reverse the curse of dissatisfaction in all the things you do in the name of Jesus.

4. Command that evil pronouncement of those who are envious will turn your blessings.

5. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to that which can provoke His curse on your work.

6. Ask the Lord to deliver you from the emotional baggage your inherited from your parent.

7. Break the curse of worshipping any ungodly image in your family.

8. Break the curse of disrespect for your family militating against your family.

9. Break the curse of offense committed against your neighbour dating back to generations.

10. Break the curse, which comes as a result of misleading the disabled.

11. Break the curse, which comes as a result of offense against a foreigner.

12. Break the curse of participating in sexual sin in Jesus’ name.

13. Break the impact of the curse of incest in your family in the name of Jesus.

14. Break the curse, which comes as a result of bestiality.

15. Break the curse, which comes with committing sin with your in-laws.

16. Break the curse, which comes as result damaging your neighbours behind their backs.

17. Break the generational curse, which follows destroying the innocent without reason.

18. Break the curse which follows disobedience to the word of God and disrespect to God’s anointed.

19. Breaking the curse which may have come on your business and your income.

20. Reverse every curse pronounced against you in the name of Jesus.

21. Nullify the fear of any curse pronounced against you and family in the name of Jesus
22. Thank the Lord for redeeming you from the curse of the law.

23. Thank the Lord for His promise to deliver those who trust in Him.

24. Break the impact of the curse of idolatry in our family to the tenth generation.

25. Break the consequence of the curse of disobedience to parent over your life.

26. Destroy the effect of every economic and financial dealing that is false in the name of Jesus.

27. Break the curse, which comes from misleading the sick and the maimed.

28. Cancel the effect of the curse of taking advantage of the strangers around you.

29. Break the curse pronounced over you which says you will not marry.

30. Break the curse that may have brought physical barrenness in the name of Jesus.

31. Destroy every curse that may have rested on your children.

32. Break the generational curse that may be hindering you from fulfilling your purpose.

33. Break the curse that has brought diseases in the name of Jesus.

34. Cancel the impact of the curse that makes you run from your enemies.

35. Destroy the effect of the curse that has made the heavens to be like brass.

36. Cancel every generational curse of poverty and lack back to the tenth generation.

37. Break the curse of oppression and yoke of bondage that makes your family down trodden in the name of the Lord.

38. Break the curse of much labour and less harvest in the name of Jesus.

39. Break the bondage of servitude to those who hate you.

40. Destroy and cancel the curse that makes people abhor you instead of favour in the name of Jesus.

41. Cancel and destroy the curse that exposes you to satanic curses and bondage of tendencies to go back to sins of the past.
42. Cancel and destroy the genetic diseases and bondage of restlessness in your family in the name of Jesus.

43. Counter the impact of the curses that you may have brought on yourself with the blood of Jesus.

44. Ask the Lord to forgive you and remove the consequences of deceiving people. 

45. Confess that you will not be a taunt, a proverb and a curse in the name of Jesus.

46. Pray that the area where you may have been a curse will now turn to a blessing.

47. Receive the blessing that follows total obedience to the will of God.

48. Thank the Lord in advance for turning every curse pronounced on you into a blessing.