Prayer & Fasting (Day 21)


KEY SCRIPTURES: Isaiah 43:18-19, Psalm 85:11, Psalm 51:10, Isaiah 61:11


1. We pray for renewal and fresh beginnings–Father prepare me for all the new and wonderful things you have for my life. Help me to let go of the old things that hold me back; that does not bring me life and keep me living in the past.

2. Lord help me to cling to my new identity in Christ. Help me to keep moving forward in my journey with you.

3. We Pray for a new revelation of Your truth- I pray for the enlightenment of your truth in this season. May the truth of your Word become real to me in my life. I pray for revelation from heaven.

4. Help me to absorb your Word in such a way that it grows up from within me – growing and growing so that it flows from out of me and into my life, my family, my church, and into the earth.

5. We pray for new growth and expansion/flourishing. Help me to receive what You have for me. Prepare me as You prepare the seeds. Grow me strong, nourish and protect me with Your truth so that I can break through the dirt, sprouting into a healthy “flower” that radiates Your glory in the earth.

6. We pray for a renewed and open heart -Father, draw me close to Your heart. I open up my heart to You, and I invite You to search my heart and renew my spirit. Bring me into alignment with your Spirit. Thank you for the work you do for me.

7. Teach me your ways. Father reveal to me any area that I am not in agreement with your Word. I pray for a deep revelation and understanding of your truth.

8. Lord I pray that I will grow in strength and hope – May I be like a “sprout” in your garden, developing in hope, as I grow in you. Fortify me with the strength as I “burst forth” into who I have been created to be in you. I will praise and honour you, God! May my life bring you glory!

9. Lord I pray that I will delight in Your new story for me– thank you for redemption and restoration. Thank you that You will always be with me in this journey; help me to keep taking steps forward with you.

10. Lord, let your fire fall on me afresh and make me new. Create in me a clean heart oh Lord and renew my desire to serve and honour you.