Prayer & Fasting (Day 16)


Our homes need revival. Our churches need revival. This nation and the world need revival. But no military power can bring revival. No economic upturn brings revival. And no election can bring revival. Revival is the sovereign work of Almighty God. In Isaiah 64, God’s people had been carried into captivity, His work was in disrepair, and His people were dispirited, much like believers today.

The Church has been carried into captivity by the world, the flesh and the devil. Christians are discouraged. Many have no hope for revival. They don’t even believe that revival is possible! However, revival is not only possible, it is inevitable when God’s people get right with God.

SCRIPTURE REFERENCES: 1 KINGS 18:41, 2 KINGS 13:21, NEHEMIAH 4:2, PSALM 85:6 PSALM 138:7, ISAIAH 11:10, ISAIAH 57:15, ISAIAH 64:1-3 HOSEA 6:2, HOSEA 10:12, HOSEA 14:7, HABAKKUK 3:2, MALACHI 3:10, LUKE 1:78, JOHN 4:24


1. Our Father in Heaven, cause our hearts to yearn for you more than ever before in the year 2020 in Jesus Mighty Name.

2. I come against every entity and power that serves as a roadblock to revival in my life in the Name of Jesus.

3. O God, revive your work in our lives in the midst of the years in the Powerful Name of Jesus

4. We break the hold of the Anti-Christ in our cities, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

5. Dear Lord God, please comes down in your power and cause Supernatural things to happen in Jesus Precious Name.

6. Open our eyes O Lord, to see and take advantage of your hour of visitation in the Name of Jesus.

7. We lift up prayers against the rise of demonic doctrines and satanic worship in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

8. We offer strong prayers for Great Britain, Mother Ghana and all other nations. Revive your work in the midst of the years, secure the boarders of these lands continually in the Name of Jesus.

9. Father we thank you for visiting us with great revival in the most Holy Name of Jesus Christ.