Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our Mission (what we are Doing) is ‘to convert people within our community in all creative ways and develop them into fully functioning followers of Jesus Christ.’

We feel compelled to seek and to save the lost because Jesus came to do the same. But Jesus went beyond rescuing people from hell. He wanted to make them fit for Heaven. Through the various sub-ministries of the church, we desire people not only to meet Christ, but also over time, to grow in their faith so that they can live in obedience to His commands and become conformed to His character.

Our Vision

Our Vision (what we are becoming) is ‘to be a Biblically Functioning Community of Followers of Jesus Christ, in order to reach mankind with the gospel within their geographic, demographic, cultural and spiritual context.’

We cannot fulfil Christ’s Mission alone as individuals. We are a church because God wants us to be something together and represent Him with out unified diversity. Our goal together is not only to further His kingdom in our midst, but we also, in obedience to His Great Commission, labour to extend His KIngdom world-wide. Our work is not over when we become a biblical community – we’re a biblical community so that we can accurately reflect Him to a new world.

Our Values

1. We value Praying regularly

2. We value the Application of Scripture

3. We value the Philosophy of Grace

4. We value Evangelism

5. We value Service

6. We value Christian Self Image

7. We value and appreciate Creativity and Innovation

8. We value Commitment to Excellence

9. We value Continual Learning

10. We value Growth

11. We value Lay Ministry

12. We value Optimism

13. We value Authenticity

14. We value Biblical Community (Small groups)

15. We value Continuous Evaluation

16. We value Women in Ministry

17. We value Praise and Worship.