Bright Candidates Initiative

Bright Candidates Initiative (BCI) is the educational arm of VBCI (UK) targeted at pupils at various levels of educational development and is a part of Victory Care International.

Bright Candidates Initiative is a Revision School for young people to enable them to excel academically and thereby give them a good foundation into their careers. We also endeavor to guide them in forming a solid Christian foundation and character of success.

The Revision School is geared towards equipping young people with the necessary skills needed to improve their chances of gaining entry into grammar /selective secondary schools and achieving good GCSE grades.

This initiative has been put together to help young people maximize their potential and transform lives within the community. Our friendly approach to teaching and positive thinking atmosphere will give you a sense of belonging and at the same time get you poised to achieve goals.

This Saturday school has engendered a great improvement in the grades achieved by pupils in the Church and the local community who have taken advantage of the free extramural services provided therein.

BCI has voluntary teachers drawn from various walks of life and runs from September to July each year.