Our History

History Of Victory Bible Church International

Victory Bible Church International also known as VBCI is a full gospel charismatic church founded by Presiding Bishop Nii Apiakai Tackie-Yarboi. VBCI exists purposefully to convert people to faith in Jesus Christ and pursue their full assimilation into active membership of the family of God. Our continuing efforts involve bringing people to maturity as followers of Christ, equipping them for ministry in the church whilst fulfilling their God-given potential here on earth to the glory of God.

Victory Bible Church International, congregated for the first time in Accra, Ghana (West Africa) on the 2nd of June 1985 with an attendance of eighty-nine (89) people.

VBCI was then known as “Jesus People Outreach Church”. This name was eventually replaced with “Victory Christian Centre” before its present name, which further depicts the scope of our God-given mission, with branches all over Ghana, Europe, United States and Asia.

VBCI consists of a network of churches which function as lively organisms where authentic and enduring relationships are formed and fostered. VBCI aims to become that church that is described in the Bible, where relevant teaching, in-depth worship, honesty, dedicated friendships, ceaseless prayer and compassionate care for those in need is evident. You will find that at VBCI, you are really very important because you are that important to God.

History of VBCI UK

1991 - VBCI UK Launched

The first service of VBCI UK was held on 14th April 1991 in one of the rooms in Rotherhithe Library in London with approximately 45 people led by Bishop Clement Asihene.

1992 - Relocation To Abbey Street

Services held at Abbey Street

1993 - Relocation To Rotherhite

Church services held at Seven Island Leisure Centre, Rotherhithe

1994 – Charity Commission Registration

VBCI (UK) was registered and recognised as a charity by the UK’s Charity Commission.

1997 - Relocation To Old Kent Road

Church services held at 709 Old Kent Road, London.

2002 - Relocation To Camberwell

Church services held at Cambridge House Camberwell and thereafter at Station Road, Camberwell

2003 – Relocation To Deptford; First Branch Launched In The UK

Church services held at Deptford Green School

VBCI UK first Branch started in Northampton on the 23rd of May, 2003, headed by Pastor Joe Acquaye as the Senior Pastor.

2004 – London Branches Launched

London Branches established as – South East 1 (Sanctuary Centre), South East 2 (Restoration Centre), East (Renewal Centre), West (Miracle Centre) and North (Refuge Worship Centre).

2005 – “Morning Glory” Started

Morning Glory, the prayer and prophetic gathering of God’s people on the first Saturday of the month, started with Prophet Emmanuel Baidoo and Mrs Cecilia Asihene as the Supervising Ministers. This ministry is also the evangelistic and power encounter arm of VBCI (UK).

2006 - Passion Academy, VBCI and Treasure Centre Established; Ordination of Pastors, Elders & Deacons

  • Passion Academy, the Church’s Musical Academy, commenced to train young men and women in the church and the community at large to play musical instruments thereby diverting their energy away from social vices.
  • Victory Bright Candidates Initiative of Victory Bible Church International (VBCI)) launched as a Saturday extra-mural classes to provide additional tuition for primary and secondary school students. It also has the dual role of turning the youths away from Gun and knife crimes.
  • VBCI Treasure Centre Birmingham started on the 26th of February, 2006 with Pastor Sam Okae as the Senior Pastor
  • New Pastors, Elders & Deacons were ordained.  

2007 – Lay Pastors Academy & Pastors Retreat Commenced; New Board of Trustees Instituted

  • Victory Lay Pastors Academy was established to train and equip those who are called into ministry but still maintain secular jobs in order for them to fulfil their ministry.
  • 2007 also saw the inception of the annual Pastors/Leaders retreat. This is aimed at sensitising the spiritual leadership of the church in the UK with the direction of the organisation as a whole. It also offers the opportunity to reiterate the vision and challenge the leaders to remain focused despite the various challenges that they may encounter in their ministries. Also the gathering is used as a networking tool for the various branches to learn best practices from one another.
  • A new Board of Trustees was instituted modelled along the line of the Evangelical Alliance’s format. For the first time it was possible for serving Reverend Ministers to become Board Members.

2008 – Purchase & refurbishment of Sanctuary Centre; Launching of X Generation, Daystar and Springlife Centres; Rebranding; Live Streaming of Service

  • Purchase and the refurbishment of Spray Street House, Renamed “Sanctuary Centre”, by Victory Bible Church International (UK) as the Corporate and operational headquarters of Victory Bible Church International in the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Oasis Centre has the privilege of worshiping in the premises.
  • Daystar and Springlife Centres were added to the Church’s Branch Network in Sutton and Wellingborough.
  • X Generation, the Youth Church of VBCI (UK) commenced on Saturday 4th of October, 2008, to lay the foundation for the next generation.
  • All VBCI (UK) branches re-branded as “Sanctuaries” in line with VBCI International Secretariat’s directive.
  • Using the portals of Christ Faith Ministries, VBCI (UK) started broadcasting her services live from Sanctuary Centre in Woolwich or any other branch being visited by Bishop Clement Asihene.

2009 – Additional London & Midland Branches Established; Golden Jubilee Celebrations For Bishop Clement Asihene; Open Bible Teaching Service & Impartation Night Commenced; Ordination of Reverend Ministers, Pastors and Elders; IT & Media Team

  • Gateway, New Life and Fresh Manna Sanctuaries commenced services in the Boroughs of Essex, Lewisham and Coventry.
  • July 2009 saw the attainment of the Golden Jubilee age by the Sector Overseer of VBCI (UK) & Europe, Bishop Clement Asihene. To mark the occasion various events took place over the weekending the 3rd to the 5th of July, 2009. These included a Musical Concert Night, Sports Activities & Barbecue Event and a Sunday Celebrations Service. A Dinner at the London Hilton Hotel in the Docklands rounded up the celebrations.  The entire Apostolic Team members and their spouses were physically present to lead others from various walks of life in giving honour unto Bishop Clement Asihene.
  • 2009 saw the inception of a weekly teaching service facilitated by Bishop Clement Asihene. Aptly named “Open Bible Teaching Service”, the teachings are designed to help God’s people to unlearn some traditions and doctrines of men, in order to replace their belief system with the Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. New Testament Believers now have the opportunity to know and understand WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST so they can REIGN IN LIFE as successful saints. Other seasoned ministers have also featured in these meetings holding every Wednesday since July 2009.
  • The same year also saw the birthing of “Impartation Night” by Bishop Clement Asihene. These nights are also designed with the aim of passing on years of “ministerial experience” to the next generation. These occur during the last Sunday of the month from September to February.
  • Reverend Ministers, Pastors and Elders were ordained at the 2009 Camp Meeting. Going forward, all the female Pastors and Elders are now to be referred to as Lady Pastors and Lady Elders respectively.
  • A new IT & Media team, comprising of members from diverse relevant backgrounds, as envisioned by Bishop Clement Asihene, was instituted, The team became responsible for the first live production of DVD recordings at the 2009 Camp Meeting.

2010 – Camp Meeting Revitalised; Golden Jubilee Celebrations For Reverend Sendey and Other Ministers; 25 Years Anniversary of VBCI Worldwide; Lay Pastors Academy Established In The Midlands

  • Victory Camp Meeting, the annual gathering of VBCI members in the UK and Europe, was revitalised with a change in the leadership. This was the first time that the Camp Meeting was opened up to the general public, as it had always been introspective in the past with VBCI (UK) and Europe’s members as the sole target. Conscious efforts were made to actively involve the youth in the 2010 Camp Meeting. Various media tools were used to publicise the 2010 Camp Meeting with the general feedback that the 2010 Camp Meeting has been the best so far in terms of the organisation and the spiritual content
  • June 2010 also saw the attainment of the same Golden Jubilee by Reverend Ebenezer Sendey and other men and women within the church. Varying levels of celebrations were organised by the appropriate branches with financial support and resources made available from the VBCI (UK) coffers.
  • 2010 also marked the twenty-fifth year of the existence of Victory Bible Church International worldwide. Events and activities to mark the occasion and “Celebrate the Goodness of God” kicked off in Accra. As our humble contribution towards the celebrating of this joyous occasion, various activities including power and gift evangelism, sports and in-door games, blood donation, jumble sale, fund raising, trade fair exhibition, praise and worship night were held over three week-ends in September and November, 2010.
  • Victory Lay Pastors Academy lectures started in Northampton to enable those in the Midlands to access the course content within their immediate locality.

2011 – First Branch Property Lease Agreement Contracted; Open Door Sanctuary Started In Milton Keynes

  • New Life Sanctuary, our branch church in Deptford, acquired the lease for a place of worship in New Cross. Due to the size, location and other available facilities, the place was used as the venue for all major VBCI church events in the United Kingdom.
  • Open Door Sanctuary started services in Milton Keynes.

2012 – 2nd Branch Property Lease Agreement Contracted; Branch Leadership Transfers; Financial Restructure; Media Team Restructure

  • In 2012, Gateway Sanctuary, in the East also acquired a lease of a place for their worship services.
  • The mantle of leadership of Gateway Sanctuary was passed on.
  • Refuge Worship Sanctuary also went through a transitional period that necessitated a change in the leadership.
  • Fresh Manna Sanctuary in Coventry also went through a transitional period that necessitated a change in the leadership.
  • 2012 also saw the implementation of the VBCI (UK) Financial Restructure exercise geared towards “Effectiveness, Efficiency and Economic viability”. The branches are now in a position to determine a judicious use of their resources as deemed fit by the local leadership within the remit of the Charity’s legal status.
  • The Victory Media Team was also restructured with a new Leadership and organisational structure put in place to enhance the team’s activities.

2013 – Pastors/Leaders Retreat Rebranded; Inception of Lay Pastors Academy’s Open Lecture on “Church Administration”; Ordination of Reverend Ministers; Higher Life Sanctuary established In Luton

  • Pastors/Leaders Retreat was re-branded As “Ministerial Council Retreat”. This now takes place twice in a year with the first retreat in January/February having those in the offices of Reverend Ministers, Pastors and Elders and their spouses in attendance. The second meeting in August has Reverend Ministers, Pastors and Elders with their spouses and Deacons and Deaconesses without their spouses in attendance.
  • 2013 saw for the very first time the inclusion of “Church Administration” as a course content of the Lay Pastors Academy
  • There was an ordination of some Pastors in various sanctuaries into the position of Reverend Ministers.
  • A new branch, VBCI Higher Life Sanctuary, was established in Luton in May, 2013.

2014 – Paradise Way Sanctuary Started; Victory Care Restructured, Victory Media Team Change of Leadership

  • A new branch, VBCI Paradise Way Sanctuary, was established in Norwich in March, 2014,.
  • Victory Care, the charitable arm of Victory Bible Church International (UK) that reaches out to the community in a very practicable way to enable Victory Bible Church International (UK) fulfil her Corporate Social Responsibility, was restructured with three social-action geared ministries – Life Builders, Bright Candidates Initiative and Passion Music Academy – brought under her umbrella.
  • The year also saw enhanced Victory Care activities especially in Avesive, Ghana.
  • The baton of leadership of the Church’s IT & Media team passed on.

2015 - 1st Youth Church Re-Launched; 30th Anniversary Celebrations; River Life & Green Pastures Sanctuaries Started; Victory Praise Night Established; Wonderful Jesus Conference

  • The Youth ministry of VBCI (UK) X Generation was re-launched as Next Generation Church (NGC) on the 18th of January 2015.
  • On Saturday the 29th of September, 2015, every congregation member and Minister of Victory Bible Church International (UK) gathered together at Gateway House in Woolwich to celebrate God’s goodness and favour towards the ministry since the inception in 1985.
  • VBCI River Life Sanctuary started on the 19th of April 2015, in Dartford, Kent.
  • VBCI Green Pasture Sanctuary was also started in Corby on the 22nd of November 2015.
  • A new annual event tagged “Victory Praise Night” started in August 2015. It is to be a day set aside for purely praise, thanksgiving and worship of God. Minister Joe Mettle and VBCI Passion UK led the congregants in heart-felt rendition of gratitude unto God for His mercy, grace, favour and goodness towards the church and the nations at large.
  • Passion UK will be ministering at the International “Wonderful Jesus Conference” in Accra, Ghana every year from now on.