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Camp Meeting

Camp Meeting is an established annual event during the Easter period at which all branches in the UK and delegates from Europe gather together for spiritual renewal, rejuvenation and direction.

The economic, social and other aspects of the lives of congregational members are steered in the right direction through the seminars/sessions held during these meetings.

Camp Meeting is hosted by Bishop Clement and Reverend (Mrs) Cecilia Asihene with Bishop N. A. Tackie-Yarboi, the Presiding Bishop of VBCI (Worldwide) as the main speaker.

It is the time where our Presiding Bishop takes time to unravel biblical truth, imparts words of wisdom and pour out words of blessing into the lives of his children. VBCI UK’s Camp Meeting truly stands as a time where our Presiding Bishop is able to satisfy his calling of making believers understand the advantages of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and as such live a meaningful and victorious life. Multitudes have testified of the benefit of our annual meeting and it is a 3 day gathering that will touch your life like no other.